JellHeads CS ARPG's Bulletins


Posted 4 months, 14 days ago by MWINS 
depm675-1ae88262-27e1-4085-8a97-76ee4e31HELLO EVERYONE! 

With our group slowly growing, and wanting to expand aswell, we are looking for some more people to join us in our Team!
So if interested, or knowing a friend/mutual who might be interested, please check em out!
To apply for the role, please check the forms!
You are free to apply for multiple roles!
Or even if you have a role already!

We are looking for people to mainly moderate our Discord Server  
You make sure the Discord is safe and comfortable for everyone
You get in-group rewards

Submission mods/rollers:
You look over Art/Literature Submissions made in the group, and make sure they are sent right!
You play the judge of them and roll rewards for them!
We will show you how things will work!
You get in-group rewards

Temporary Guest Artists:
You are going to be a temporary guest artist for this month, September 2021!
You get to create max 3 artificial JellHead adoptables, with max 5 mutations each!
You get to keep 100% of your profit + some advertising help!  

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in the discord!


To reach as many interested people as possible, we also have a sharing bonus again!
For sharing on different platforms (for example, DA, Twitter, TH, Discord etc), you get 2x Lucky Petals!
Max 3 times! (=6x Lucky petals in total)
Lucky Petals increase your luck for JellBean submissions, and are used to craft higher tier shinies!
You can claim your Bonus by submitting a claim with a link!
>Submit a claim



Website is opening up! + Some surprises
After a good half year of being on pause and in work, we have finally finished the website!
A new website that will now host all ARPG activities and the Masterlist!
Including some new or reworked features, such as Shiny hunting and prompts!
But also JellHead training
and most importantly

A new JellHead form! The Mini JellHead!
The tiny or baby version of the JellHead, which will be cheaper than the regular JellHeads (and will save some costs in the JellLabs)

To celebrate all this, we have prepared some surpises and some gifts!
1. Celebration Raffle! We are going to host a raffle, raffling out the Celebration Weasel, and 4 random MYO slots! 5 Winners will be rolled after the 20th!
2. Celebration Mini Gacha! With 70+ Mini JellHead designs from our JellHead Staff and some guest artists, we are looking to start with some tiny friends for everyone! Limit of 1 Design per person
3. Gifts! Once you have registered on the website, you can go over to the Gift shop and claim both, a permanent welcoming gift and a limited celebration gift with some sweet goodies!

And much more!

Most importantly, is now public and up for registration!
For more info, check our news post!

Celebration Gacha
Wohoo celebration Gacha!
Every roll costs 5€ / 575 Da pts and can be rerolled up to 3 times.

For a limited time of 2 weeks, you will also be able to see all the Mini JellHeads that are included in the Mini Gacha!
The Autobuy option will also be up during that time, with a price of 10€/1150 da pts!

Getting a gacha roll/design also automatically gives you some boni, such as
-1 Ticket for the raffle
-3 Lucky Petals
-1 Shiny

For more info, check out the Gacha post!

with the website up, please note that services on DA and TH will be shut down and moved to the website
you are still free to chill on both medias tho!

Migration Confirmation

Posted 4 months, 30 days ago by JellHeads

If you are migrating your old Inventory to the new Inventory system on the website, please reply below with following form, to confirm your identity!
Your TH username has to match the registered username in the old inventory system. If you have changed your TH name, please tell in the form!
Once done, copy and paste your comment and add it to your Migration Form on the website

>Website Migration post

Form: Username:
TH Username:

[Feature] JellHead of February

Posted 10 months, 14 days ago by JellHeads

Hey, c'mere, look through this telescope! Looks like the cat's out of the shuttle, and this furry little astroneer is itching not for fleas, but for space exploration!  

Space Felix's story is a little sad, but comes with an amusing conclusion;
our scientists spotted him in the sky, out of nowhere, and it was so confusing that one of our interns suggested we name him after Felix the Cat and his magic bag of tricks!
But of course, things got a little silly when another intern suggested Space Felix, to differentiate from the origin.  

Either way, the records lead back to our very dear founder MWINS, who lovingly documented this space-loving feline to share with other like-minded members of the community.
This cozy cat nabbed the hearts of all who saw him, and will likely forever be a fan-favourite. ~JellScientist Shou 



Congratulations to TurqCalibrator 

You are being rewarded 100 Shards.
Your JellHead will be awarded the "JellHead of the Month"-Badge

Drawing Bonus

Draw this ocelot until the 14th of March and post it below to get a one-time bonus :

2x Lucky Petal + 1x Tree Star Decoration + 20% JellBean Bonus chance

(Owner can take part aswell!)

[1 week] Support Packs | CLOSED

Posted 11 months, 2 days ago by MWINS

Some of you may already know, but JellHeads are aiming towards moving to their own ARPG website, also using Lorekeeper as their main framework!
But it will take a while to get there and also needs a bit of funding, mainly for hosting the website!
(It's around 100 USD oops)

These one-time support packs are fully optional and just here to support our group! Purchasing any of them grants you a Supporter Badge!
 You can only buy 1 pack!


Blue Support Pack 

5 USD | 500 DA PTS


1 MYO Crystal - Normal
1 BubbleCore (Future Item)
10 Lucky Petals

dee8goq-c5cbd9f7-b732-4d83-ba0b-13eee762Green Support Pack 

10 USD | 1.000 DA PTS


1 MYO Crystal - Hybrid
1 Core-Modifier (Mutation)
1 BubbleCore (Future Item)
20 Lucky Petals

Thank you for your interest and support in this group and JellHeads so far!
I'll have these available for 1 week, till monday 22th February

If you haven't yet, join our Discord for more updates!

Dead Space | JellHead auction

Posted 11 months, 12 days ago by MWINS

Check the link for the auction!

When sharing this Adopt, you will get 2 Lucky Petals per share on every different platforms!
Examples: Deviantart(Journal/Status), Toyhouse(Bulletin), Discord(advertise), Instagram , Twitter, FurAffinity


Moderator and Writer Applications!

Posted 11 months, 17 days ago by MWINS

Enough with the procrastination and network difficulties! 

We got some spots for Moderators and possibly 1 or 2 Writers (especially for JellHead of the Month)!
If you are interested in being part of the Team, or know someone who might be, do have a look!
For more information, do check the Google Forms!  

Your task is to mainly look over this Discord Server, moderating it and diffusing fights!

Your role is similiar to that of a journalist! Research and write!
You will mostly write descriptions for "JellHead of the month"

There currently is no set Deadline!

JellHead of December!

Posted 1 year, 12 days ago by JellHeads

Here is our JellHead of the month! It's no other than Enigma!


Drawing this JellHead will get you a one-time bonus reward, so don't miss out on this chance! 

You now have the best excuse to draw them, if you ever wanted to! 



3 Announcements in one, we are having some results and surprises prepared!

Winter Adopts

We are having some Adopts prepared and will be releasing them within this month!

Big thanks to our JellDesigners  for helping us out with some designs!

(Designs are being released with 1 week gaps, because our machines broke and can't create faster)



DTA and Raffle winners

Big Congratulations to our Winners Eqho and Spiritburn for winning the JellHeads!

Every Art Entry also was rewarded with some Lucky Petals!


JellHeads of the month

Last but not least, here are our JellHeads of the month!

Meet the JellBee duo Positivi-bee and Sad-bee, Novembers JellHead of the month!

Drawing these two Bees will get you a one-time bonus reward, so don't miss out on this chance! You now have the best excuse to draw them, if you ever wanted to!