HUGE WIP; for updates, please follow the group and look under the 'Bulletins' for lore updates 


1.) Ignaeri Species Sheet 

2.) Official Lore  

3.) Set Up Masterlist 

4.) TH World Graphics 

5.) World Map 

6.) Ignaeri Customs 

7.) Roosterfish Species Sheet 

8.) Put it all together & Possible dA group/presence???

^somewhere in here I'll do more world building lmao rip

Latest Bulletin

November Update!

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago by leaforia

Heya ho my loyal followers!

Tis the season of.... turkeys... and yeah. Anywho, starting November I will actively be working on world functions and other assorted CS projects I have going on, which means that I will stop taking Commissions/Art Trades to work on these. I may offer art/designs on a character, but other than that from November onwards I will be working on tying up loose ends and launching this world! I hope to see you all on the other side and thank you SO much for your support.