Welcome To Xaria


What is Xaria you ask?


  • Xaria is a world based in space.
  • In this world users can explore and help to create this planet, add to its culture, and influence its history.
  • The word Xaria comes from the planet in which the characters are from and where their story will take place.


What are the rules?


  • Keep All Roleplays kid friendly I suppose if there is a sufficient warning at the start  it's okay . We ask that anything non kid friendly with no warnings  please be moved to private messages or edited.
  • Keep this a safe, and loving environememt out of character. I want people to feel welcome here. I state out of character because in character fights are allowed. In some regions it makes sense for them to occur. Please ask the other peson first though if it is over the top, I reccomend it highly as it can prevent someone from becoming upset. 
  • Ask before you add or discover a continent. You are definately allowed to do this and it is encouraged, I simply would like to make sure it fits before hand.



Basic Info

  • Xaria is located in the outer rim of the Zeltra Galaxy.
  • Xaria is a highly diverse planet, populated with a variation of animals and foliage. These differ greatly depending on which of the 8 continents one is located on.
  • The dominant species on Xaria are a humanoid creature by the name of Thebians. Thebians poses a complicated and intricate social structure. This culture also can differ greatly depending on the region in which they were raised.
  • There is one central governement stationed in Velatia. However continents may or may not have their own micro governements.
  • One thing all continents have in common however is the social heirarchy



This hierarchy is dependent on aspects such as who their parents were and their skin color

Light blue skin is considered the elite class, it is possessed only by the royals and nobles.

light pink is middle to upper class, it is the majority.

light yellow is the lowest class, usually those who were born below the poverty line posses this trait.

The only way one's status can be higher then their color is if their parents were very culturally important.

 However the importance on these or perception of these may differ per region.



The continents/ regions  so far include










More continents will be discovered as time goes by, as much of the planet has been undiscovered.

If you are interested in learning more about a regions culture, simply click on its name and you will be directed to its respective thread. There I will list everything from the type of foliage you are able to find on this content, to its culture and traditions. However I want your stay to be interactive here so I would love if you could add any ideas.


links to any other helpful threads will be posted here :




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