A Premise


In short, the roleplay combines the post apocalypse genre with the RPG fantasy genre.

Ten years ago, the world ended. The heroes failed to defeat the Evil Overlord, resulting in their entire world being laid to waste. Fires ravaged the forests, towns were wiped out by overpowered monster swarms, the water was dirtied by blood, and many, many people died. Only a small percentage of the population managed to survive, and that was by luck alone. These small camps were faced with a cruel new reality: They had to build up from the beginning, and build up from nothing.




To begin, characters will live in one of the many "surviving villages" that have popped up after the Apocalypse. The goal will be to populate the village and begin "rebuilding it" as a village of fleshed out characters.


As more characters ruin the setting, plot points will be introduced in the form of events. Roleplay events are completely optional to participate in, but will act as a way for players and characters to explore and expand upon the mystery of ten years ago--- And influence the future events in this fictional world.


Please poke around the forums for more information! Let's come together and create a fun, colourful world where everything died and life is hard. 




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