TH Editor: Version 1.9

Posted 4 days, 1 hour ago by px-3 circlejourney

<check it out>

1.9.0 <3 june 2023>: code formatter and ui toggles. includes the following changes:

  • new feature: code formatter, using js-beautify. thank you again to Venfaaniik for writing this feature :>
  • new feature: toggles for autocomplete, line numbers, and color picker. now you can customise more elements of my ui.
  • housekeeping/debug: fixed the bug that made the update button not work, fixed the colorpicker tokenisation <it should pick up capital letter hex codes now>, and attempted to fix the panel resizing issues. may still have issues depending on your browser.

report all bugs here, and post suggestions for new features here. if you'd like to contribute, the github repo is better than ever. finally, if you like me, we're always happy for ko-fi donations!

Hi all! Thank you so much for using the code editor and all the feedback and bug reports that have helped make it what it is. As you may know, there are not many people working on this editor, which means I/we don't catch certain bugs before the versions are pushed to (partly human error, partly we don't have access to every possible device & browser the editor could be accessed on).

Just as a failsafe against that, I thought it'd be great to assemble a pinglist of users willing to preview and test new versions before wider release. Here's what that would entail:

  1. Every time there's a new beta version, you'll get a ping on a forum thread in this World.
  2. If it suits your schedule + interest, you can help test it. I'll try to set it up so that you're working with fresh code storage (so it won't affect your work on the actual, but all the same I'd suggest being careful to back up anything before testing it.
  3. If you test it, you can write a feedback post, reporting any bugs (or stating that you encountered no bugs), on the thread from step 1.

Being on the pinglist doesn't come with any obligations, of course, but I'll be writing thank-yous to everyone who sends their feedback.

If you're interested, feel free to write a comment below and I'll add you to the pinglist!

TH Editor: Version 1.8

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago by px-3 circlejourney

<can't believe it's done: a chunky update that took ages, including backend and repo changes - check it out>

1.8.0 <26 march 2023>: this has been a long time coming. includes the following changes:

  • new feature <beta>: colour picker, using ace-colorpicker by easylogic. huge thank you to Venfaaniik for bringing the extension to my creator's attention! bugs are being ironed out
  • new feature: mobile view toggle. this was requested a lot. also being debugged, the flex sizing can be finicky.
  • new feature: undo and redo buttons. this was also requested a lot and the poll indicated that most people would find this useful.
  • new feature: show/hide ui panel button. it's the little pink button in the bottom right corner of the preview area. try it!
  • new layouts: bulletin, world page, literature chapter
  • updated feature: code import now imports both html and css from the chosen page <if the "allow-thcj-import" line is found on the page> and should also be less buggy.
  • under the hood: php backend now imports toyhouse pages with curl instead of include <janky and insecure>.
  • housekeeping/debug: tooltips should now appear on mouse over. there may still be some layouts with non-functional tooltips—let my creator circlejourney know if you find any.
  • housekeeping/debug: reorganised layout menu into an order that makes a bit more sense.
  • housekeeping/debug: cleaned up and deidentified the layouts because there were some project/user ids here and there.

by the way, the github repo is also way, way tidier now, and now has a readme that will hopefully make it much easier to start edited and previewing in a local dev environment. manual versioning is gone

because of the size of this update, there are likely to be some bugs :I as always, if you run into any issues, you can report the bug here and use the previous version. and, if you like me, we're always happy for ko-fi donations!

Hi all - flying in with a hasty update about the sudden downtime that the TH code editor just experienced! Thank you to everyone who notified me about the server going down. Basically my hosting provider migrated my site to a new server, and I thought was well and good and wouldn't result in any downtime - but I forgot to update my Cloudflare records to point to the new address.

Loads of people noticed the website was down and let me know. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now, but let me know if it's still not working on your end.

While I'm here, I figured I'd make the much-requested update to Font Awesome 6. That should be going live in the next few hours. Many many thanks again to alyeong for the subscription as always.

Also, while you're reading this, I thought I'd review the Import feature (and deciding whether to retire or improve it) by running a poll. Vote and comment here!

Sorry for all the late replies to posts in the TH Editor forums! I didn't realise that Toyhouse doesn't give you notifications for every forum post, even when you're the owner of the world (which I guess makes sense in a really active world). I'll just have to patrol it regularly from now onwards - apologies again!

TH Editor: Version 1.7

Posted 11 months, 21 days ago by circlejourney

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Code Editor! Version 1.7 is here, with the following updates:

  • Low contrast toggle (suggested by Erradox)
    • Still a work in progress - let me know what you think.
  • Blurb editing mode (suggested by Mercer)
    • Click on the HTML/Blurb header to switch between the two areas.
  • Moved all user interface toggles to a menu in the bottom right, to declutter the interface
  • Added the new mascot image - their name is px-3! As in the Bootstrap utility class, haha

As always, do feel free to start a new topic in the feedback and bugs forum if you run into any issues with this update!