Novus is an established fantasy equus and cervidae RPG with no minimum word count, fewer activity checks, 34+ unique ranks, 27+ IC boards, DIY Magic system, bonded companions, currency, items, and more. We have been open since 2017 and have an active, friendly community that is built for the casual roleplayer and working adult.

The site's premise and plot revolves around the diverse world of the Solar Courts - Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night, as well as the nomadic Vagabonds - and their interactions and relations with one another and their gods.

The site is staffed by Inkbone (owner admin), Sparrow (mod), and Lullivy (mod).


To roleplay on Novus, you must join the on-site forum at!

On-site members can request to become a TH Member of this World and submit their characters! Make sure to mention your on-site name when submitting a join request.

Members, if submitting a bonded companion to this world: please make sure they are LINKED ON TH to their Novus character companion.