Welcome to Usmoria, a planet filled entirely with lesbian kemomimis!

This is based off a dating game that I'm going to make, by a lesbian, for wlw, about lesbians. But I'd like to use the chance to roleplay and use the roleplay as a chance for fleshing it out!

The game so far has six locations. Most of the backstory is contained in these places.

Location Description Inhabitants
North Grove
A kingdom that was blocked off from the rest of the
world until the recent takeover from King Landry.
Not much is known about it, but dragons are more
common here.
King Landry, Axel Masse, Altair Nordenstam
Harvey Queen, Paradise Honeycut
South Grove
A large, popular and well-adjusted city. Their leader
is President Serenade Honeycut, part of a presidential
Serenade Honeycut, Paris Nordenstam
Harlem Pereira, Fiero Amantagelo
East Grove
Part of the Southern City, a large portion of this
land consists of East Grove University, the most
common place of learning within the intersection.
El Cosmoso, Nahuel Maripán
Ethan Watanabe, Scout Smith
West Grove
A dark and damp forest filled with many mysteries.
If you were looking for water or mystic creatures,
this is where they would be. Under the rule of the
North, though is often ignored.
Lysandre Nordenstam, Kohaku Ibu
Quang Lê
There are many air islands that locals refer to as
'the sky', however it also consists of the Heaven
where several Goddesses reside.
Zeno Huerta, Connor Huerta
Moon Goddess, Dream Goddess
No Man's Land
A farm run by Dorian Yú and Ayomide Okeowo. Given
to Dorian for her exceptional service in the army,
it's technically not under any rule.
Dorian Yú, Ayomide Okeowo


I'd like there to be more as more people join!

More info to come.

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