A breeding ground for misery


This is a headworld written by Space-Nexus.

All written content belongs mostly between these two. Browbirds and Painted Satyrs are a closed species belonging to Corrin

Estilia is a kingdom whose land is raveged by war. Held under the thumb of a tyranical king who spares no kindness for anyone, even his sons. It is not a place that is pleasant to be, even for as little as possible. Link


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Current Plans

To Be Designed

Nyza Albistiel - 4th born prince of Estilia. Design roughly in mind. Character or MYO needed.

Wyndrilth Albistiel - 6th born prince of Estilia. Design roughly in mind. Character or MYO needed.

Alastair Albistiel - 9th born prince of Estilia. Literally nothing, do everything.

Additional Information

Lore & Whatnot

Strain Lore Not super important to the current Estilian functions, but will be included to preface the existance of the princes weapons, Elenora's lore, and Estilia's founding. It will have its own detailed page. This headworld however wont be expanded upon since, pretty much everyone in the Strain bloodline is dead aside from Elenora and her children.

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