The Royal Bloodline

The Royal Bloodline
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A Preface

It is worth noting that Estilian Royalty currently a mix of the Albistiel Bloodline and the Strain Bloodline.

After the eradication of most the Strain bloodline, they abandoned the idea of purebloods to preserve what little of their lineage remained. Estilia's founding lineage had been comprised of the Strain bloodline up to the second generation.

The Tree

The Family Tree:

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Online Family Tree

The Current Line

King ??? and Queen Elenora have 13 "official sons and daughter" - In Order of Birthright

1. ???

2. Sycorax

3. ???

4. Nyza

5. Grimmoire

6. Wyndrilth

7. Lordthrall

8. Vespis

9. Maura (Deceased)

10. Alastair

11. Sasha

12. Ouroboros

13. Lazarus