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This is an unofficial ToyHouse page for The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales. The goal of this page is to unite the players of the game and be a platform to exchange news, thoughts and ideas in relation to the world and the Forest folk. Everyone is welcome to add their characters to the world.

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Your character watches on as winds rustle through the leaves. Then they notice a solitary butterfly emerging from its chrysalis and ponder how it symbolises the delicate transition from summer's vibrancy to autumn's serenity.

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The Rut'23 - Sign-ups

Posted 2 months, 22 days ago by ShrinkingRose

The Rut'23 is going to take place from September 16th to October 1st. To participate please take a moment to read through the rules and sign up your character(s) through the Google form. Visit the official Rut post on the TEF community site for all the information. Reminder that we have a TH Rut Forum where players can post their own threads with Rut blogs. TH threads can be subscribed to in order to follow any updates. Happy Rutting soon!