The world of Toyhous holds many different characters, ranging from humanoid, anthropomorphic animals to even monsters. And yet these beings are often separated from each other, unknown to the existence of one another. Have you ever thought that your soulmate exists in another dimension? Another world you aren't aware about? Or perhaps you're looking for companions, friends that are similar to your own soul, but again they reside in a different dimension.

Sprouting from the void, made of diamonds and iron is our very own Clouder Roost, an inexpensive but high quality apartment made to connect others that are divided by the barriers of reality and fiction. Really, it's a condominium that holds resources that are out of this world, and yet it also has all of your familiar brands and faces, such as McDonalds or Gucci! It is the ultimate plaza for interaction and relaxation! Everyone and everything is invited! ... Well, after we do a few security checks-- But hey! We also have top percentage security guards for safety! Your happiness is our prioriety, and we aim to please anyone that resides in our comfy lofts and rooms. We also treat our staff kindly here, and they also deserve their breaks and use of the roost's facilities! It's like paradise! It's heaven! It's G O D ' S  S A N D B O X.


Everyone is welcome in Cloudler's Roost! Join us now!

... except we're still in construction, but you are free to send an invite and help us in our development stage!

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First, check out our guidelines and future features here to give yiu a heada up on our agenda and all that jazz!

Second, send in an invitation for this world. Once you have been accepted, fill out the character form riiight here! Once we get enough characters, I will sort and assign them to their rooms and room mates! How fun!

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