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Here we have the island of the Octopips! Feel free to look around our page and have fun!

Important stuff


Ocotpips are cute little creatures resembling small anthro like octopi! You can often see them on shore lines milling about and chittering as if they have super important things to do. Some consider these creatures to have a complex tiny society all wrapped up in their palm tree nuts and ocean deep caves. Who truly knows?


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Is this an open or closed species?
This is a CLOSED species, whitch means you can NOT make one unless you have a MYO.
How do I get an Octopip?
Mostly from adopts we will have on our page, and occasionally we will sell MYOs.
Do you have GAs?
Every now and then we will make a post/update letting people know when we're looking for a new wave. Stay tuned :)
If I have any other questions who can I contact?
Any of the Mods! We're happy to help you out!



04/04/22 All octopips in the Deep Sea Void are forbidden from being used, if you see yours, contact the staff asap
04/04/22 ATM the anatomy and traits of Octopips are under construction, please be patient with us :3
19/01/22 If you recive a message from admin Tanner it's to put your octipip on this TH world as our new ML! If you have any questions plz feel free to ask!

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