Welcome to FreeDraw! This is a public world where you can submit characters you'd like art of, and draw art of others' ocs as you see fit!

Anyone and everyone is free to join! If you're interested in joining, just send in a join request!
There is no limit on how many characters you can submit. As long as you're looking for art of them, they're welcome here!
Characters of all species are accepted!
Characters are sorted into folders based off of species. If I've accidentally placed your character in the wrong folder, please let me know over here!
Please make sure you're polite and respectful to other users! If someone draws your character, be sure to thank them! 
Do not be degrading or offensive when drawing someone elses' oc.
When dealing with things such as nudity or gore, please make sure the owner of the character is okay with it first. 
You are not obligated to do "draw backs" if someone draws your character, but you're more than welcome to!
Just don't stress yourself out and have fun!