Afterlives & Ancestor-Worship

Afterlives and Ancestor-Worship

StoneClan's traditions and beliefs surrounding their dead ancestors.

"The dead walk this valley alongside the living."


The old location to speak to StarClan was at the peak of the Great Stone. There, warriors would heap mounds of pebbles to memorialize their fallen kin. Legend has it that when The Great Stone was split, that connection was severed and dead cats were destined to wander as ghosts. In actuality, hosts have walked StoneClan territory for many years: on the eve of a spirit's reawakening, they stand vigil outside StoneClan camp to guard their living kin from the unknown.
The new StoneClan spiritual site is a nondescript hill known as Moon Ridge--the highest place in the valley. Here lies a magical crop circle known as Moon's Shadow. This is the closest place for cats to be to the stars--and the place that both the living and dead can access the hunting grounds of StarClan.
Loner dead tend to wander the same way, but it is seen as a neutral existence: some wanderers prefer the idea of wandering in their eternal life, and some come to inhabit areas or objects close to their living friends and family. Fading after a generation or two is common--after all, why stick around with cats you’ve never met?

The Hidden Truth

StoneClan has been cut off from StarClan for many decades, ever since they became isolationist.
The medicine cat has secretly been an appointed advisor position, as they have no way of receiving truly prophetic visions. This knowledge has been passed down by medicine cats as "The Mysteries."
Thrushfur has done her best to relay what healing she knows to Cherviltail, but she acknowledges that The Mysteries have been lost.
There are beings who can read the streams of the future and translate them into prophecies for StarClan: these are the "star-beings."
Characterized by unnatural eyes and odd appearances, the star-beings can visit earth during times when their planes align. Cloudseeker can hear their voices in the sky.