Leveling + Evolution

Leveling Up

Currently, I am still trying to figure out the EXP amounts, so there are no exact numbers yet.  However, the following actions can be used to gain EXP:

  • Drawing or writing about a Character you own
  • Having someone else draw or write about a Character you own (Commissions are OK)

In addition, you can get extra EXP for the following:

  • Responding to a Prompt involving your Character
  • Someone else drawing your Character (for free)

Completed drawings/writing must be linked in the submission forum to gain EXP.  There is a slight EXP penalty for commissioned drawings, however, they still give EXP.

Current and required EXP for leveling is always listed on the Character's profile.


Certain species in the project are capable of evolving under certain conditions.  These will be listed on their profile.