Blind Spot takes place in a world where monsters and mythical creatures live amongst the humans. There's some tension between humans and the nonhumans so why it is a normal thing, it's not like everyone is holding hands and singing 'we are the world'.

Mainly focuses on an eyeless witch named Daisy, but this is basically where I dump my nonhuman ocs. Contains lots of witches and I categorize characters by which coven they (may) be apart of (for now anyways, until I think of a better way to organize them all lmao). Each 'group' of characters may have their own little stories but who knows when I'll ever lay them out.

Will also properly add info one day :'''>

Witches and Warlocks in this universe have their own lore. However if I decide to RP anyone from here, I'll change things accordingly. Also if I do RP anyone from this world, it would be considered an AU as I kinda already have stories set out for them! And for the fact that my witches/warlocks have their own unique lore.

 Witches/warlocks lore
 Covens list + links

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