Terraxia World And Lore

Terraxia (terraxium - singular) are a species of rock-based organisms that inhabit planets that are incapable of hosting most organic life. Terraxia have a humanoid body type with pointed legs, a singular eye and a geode-like hole through their bodies. They have strong psychic abilities which they use to communicate. They have no ears, mouths, or other orifices and do not eat, drink or reproduce sexually. They require no oxygen and produce energy through absorbing light and heat. Terraxia have no gender but can shape their bodies to have genitalia if they wish. They can also form other limbs and traits such as tails, animal ears and horns but this is extremely rare. They speak via telepathy and hear through vibrations in the air/ground.

Terraxia formed over billions of years through steady evolution. They started out as minerals infected with microscopic life and bacteria, which eventually grew forms and dug their way out of the ground. Terraxia reproduce by incubating crystal or metal shards in a mineral-rich environment. Existing crystals are infected with bacteria from the living Terraxium to create new types. To determine a specific gem type, Terraxia will remove a small piece of their arms, legs or (most commonly) hair and incubate that. These offspring will always share the gem type of their parent, unless the minerals in the ground cause inclusions to form.