Welcome to the World of London Event Crisis (LEC), I hope you enjoy your stay!

Whether you are a Hero, a Villain, or just somebody in-between, there is always a great deal of stuff happening in England. But mainly in the London area. Everybody from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms! Black, White, Jew, Muslim, Hero, Villain, Royalty, Middle Class, Straight, Gay, whatever. We welcome you here to take part in what really is a London Event Crisis.


Characters are to be put in the correct areas, please. If a Hero, go Hero. If a Villain, go Villain. If Neutral, go Neutral. WIP Characters are allowed if you do finish their info eventually.

Roleplaying is, of course, allowed. But no God Modding, Mary Sues, etc, will be allowed. Have fun, go wild, and try to survive this London Event Crisis.


Oh, yeah, you don't need to be British/English to join, nor do your characters need to be. Diversity is required! I have a French character, and various others from other places. No shunning others for their characters, it is rude and will NOT be tolerated.

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