Name: ZIDOL Full Name: Zidolinius Feran Eakhart Home: Ambaran Diet: Lots of sweeties! Temperament: Courageous

Distinctive Features:
  • Glowing Eyes!
Height: 1' 7" tall Length: 2' 9" long Weight: 48 pounds


Welcome to Ambaran, an open species world with three very unique species: Ambrivans, Haaloman and Seresans. Here, you can find fun by land, sky or water!

Create or adopt, the choice is yours (or do both!). Events happen periodically, but we are pretty chill and mostly just go where our three moons gravitate us to :3 There is lots of info here and elsewhere, so if you have any questions, ask!

Species Rules

❥ Steal Nothing
❥ Beg for Nothing
❥ Be polite (at least) to everyone
❥ Critique, don't destroy - build each other up
❥ Ask permission when necessary / questionable
❥ Label mature art with a MATURE TAG please!

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