Welcome Home Lemeans and Mawths!

Your Adventure Awaits You!

NameLeader Makena
Age 388
Race Lemea


  • Calm and Quiet
  • Lovelorn...
  • Spontaneous


  • Stern
  • Wild
  • Traditional

Zooming in at top speed, Queen Leta slides onto the landing with a silly grin on her face and shoots a glance at the skies above, "Today is a great day! Let it be decreed that all afternoon is FLY TIME!" With that unorthodox decree, she flaps her elegant wings violently, thrusting herself back into the skies to fly the afternoon away...

Makena stands before a small crowd, consisting of those next for the fishing trip out at sea, "Everyone must work; everyone must guard. Be diligent so that you all may return home safely to your families. Praise be to the Planet for all she gives us."

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Current & Future Events

Bulletins and forums may be used, but this is the quickest way to find out what is going on in the world...

Species Events

A NEW SPECIES IS SIGHTED?! What could these new people be? Are they friend or foe?

MYO Events

Limited MYO in March!

  • Share the TH World link, dA link, or Discord invite about the Lemea/Mawth Closed Species to obtain a Legendary Mawth MYO slot.
    • PLUS be a member of the dA Group for +1 Epic Trait
    • PLUS be a member of the TH World for +1 Mythic Trait
    • PLUS be a member of the Discord for +1 A or MT Trait
      • FINALLY Share with Koumori18 in some way -preferably in the Discord- what kind of personality your Mawth MYO might have [or palette or backstory - just something fun!] for +1 trait OF YOUR CHOOSING - MUST COMPLETE ONE OF THE ABOVE TO BE ABLE TO CLAIM THIS ONE.
Members are responsible for keeping track of their own traits by taking a screenshot of the comment MamaLantiis or another admin leaves them with their trait count for their MYO. MYOs must be completed by March 31st or you will lose them. One MYO per person. Can claim until March 15th at midnight CST. Bases are welcome with credit. Must be full body and at least flat colors - we MUST be able to see what your mouth looks like on your Mawth - either in the ref or separately. For approval, must submit to the dA group via NOTE or to the Discord in the appropriate channel. Do NOT DM MamaLantiis or Koumori18 / Inkblot30 directly!!!

Advert Link:
Are you a member of the dA group, TH World, or Discord? If so, which one(s)?
Message to Koumori18/Inkblot30:


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Want to be a GA or Admin?

Duties and Benefits of Guests Artists

Special roles for GAs in the dA Group and Discord.
Get approval for all adopts via Discord by the admins before posting live.
To apply, DM MamaLantiis or inkblot30/Koumori18 with art samples.

Up to 6+1 adopts a month
Any rarity thru MYTHIC (6 adopts)
Make an adopt with up to 2 EA/mutation traits a month (the +1)
Keep 85% of your PP/Point profits
Keep HALF your OTA profits
Can keep up to two of your adopts you make if you want to.
For every adopt you make, you earn one trait rarity towards making your own custom MYO.

Duties and Benefits of Admins

Admin in the dA Group, TH World, or Discord [or multiple / all 3].
Assist with events, prompts, storylines/lore.
To apply, DM MamaLantiis or inkblot30/Koumori18 for an application.

Make unlimited adopts/MYOs
Make any rarity of adopts/MYOs
Keep all your profits from adopts!!!
Give input on Lore and Events/Story.

Tos/Etiquette FOR the Lemea

This means that you can NOT create Lemea or Mawth without permission from MamaLantiis and/or Inkblot30/Koumori18.

You may NOT create adopts but can trade/resell your current Lemea/Mawth.
You may trade or give away your Lemea/Mawth as you see fit. You may resell unwanted or unused OCs for their purchase price plus the prices of any PAID FOR artwork (you may not use free artwork and assign a price to it). You do not need to ask permission to do this. However, we do like to know where our kids are going, so noting the group or discord would be nice. As a CS as well, you need to inform the new owner of the rules/TOS they are agreeing to when accepting a Lemea or Mawth.

You may NOT make money with your Lemea/Mawth.
You may not sell your OC as designs on things like t-shirts, mugs, et al. You may NOT make a profit off of them in any way period. You may, for personal use only, put your Lemea/Mawth OC(s) on shirts, mugs, etc.

Leaving the species? This is what you need to know and do!
You may take your OC with you so long as you redesign them to remove them from the species. The redesign must be presented to the group via note so the admins can review it. If it can still be identified as a Lemea or Mawth, you will be asked to make further edits until such time that your OC is not clearly from the Lemea/Mawth CS. Alternatively, you can sell your paid-for OCs for what you purchased them for, give or trade them away for OTA offers, or give them back to the group to be rehomed.

Member Etiquette and General Guidelines

Copying, Tracing, Theft (et al)
This type of behavior is not ever acceptable. Any of the above or anything that appears to be one of the above is grounds for removal from the species. Removal is subject to the whims of the admin team.

Trolling, General Hatespeak, Harassment (et al)
This type of behavior is not ever acceptable. Any of the above or anything that appears to be one of the above is grounds for removal from the species. Removal is subject to the whims of the admin team.