Unofficial Characters

EvoCrit has existed since 2017, but I have been making adoptables for much longer.  Since EvoCrit is the hub for all my projects, any adoptables from these projects or species which were not officially tied to EvoCrit is an "unofficial adoptable".

What you can do with unofficial adopts

  • Draw them
  • Transfer them to other people, if you tell me where they're going
  • Rename them

What you can't do with unofficial adopts

  • Claim them as officially part of the species/project
  • Post them on other sites (I still own the rights to the art, and I'm not allowing crossposts)
  • Transfer them without informing me of the new owner (I'd like to know where my designs go, and maybe the new owner is interested in EvoCrit)
  • Use them in EvoCrit projects/ARPGs

Unofficial adopts can be changed into official characters at any time by creating an EvoCrit account and telling me your EvoCrit username and usernames on sites like TH and DA.  I'll find any adopts you owned and convert them to EvoCrit characters.