What's Toyhou.se listening to?

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cause i really like threads like these. and they can maybe help people discover new music so. yeah.

just post whatever your currently listening to ! (and if you link your song, make sure to give a warning if it's nsfw, obvs)

Pity Party because I'm working on my ASL Glossing and Signing for my ASL Course



High Waisted Shorts - Emily's Army


And anything by Stromae or Beirut on repeat lol

hell of a ride - bo burnham! (there's some nsfw lyrics but nothing too explicit i dont think!)
i havent listened to anything other than bo burnham in months,,, whoops 

It's no secret I love choir related stuff by default but I started reading Shounen Note and read some of the mangaka's personal fave choirs and male sopranos and my life has now been constant Ben Crawley loop 

Twilight is stealing is one of my faves from him 

Speaking of singing boys if you have never seen this video please PLEASE do yourself a favour and watch it it's my fave video on youtube 

MY NAME IS THUNNNNNN DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1QZSrxlAU8

mix & match by odd eye circle, the whole album bc it's so good

Lately I've been listening to Horizon by Tourist LeMc. This guy makes awesome genuine music in a dialect that's dying out, but this song's text absolutely gets to me. You can find it translated in the fourth comment of the video linked. My favourite part is:

After a year filled with crazy stories
I sit here, at my wits end
Shaking my head like no no no
I’ve tried a lot, but it’s not easy
Surrounded by problems
I follow the melody
The notes are my steps
Till I can see the horizon
Na een jaar van men schieve verhalen
Zitte 'k ik me men hande in men haar
Knikkend me de kop van neej neej neej
'k Probeer eel veel, ma 't zit me ni mee
Omgeve door probleme
Volg k'ik de melodie
De tone zen men trede
Tot dak d'horizon kan zien