General FAQ

How do I format posts and ping users?

HTML should work in pretty much all areas of the site you can post on.

You can ping or mention a user by using @username. If they have not blocked you and are not in quiet mode, they will be notified of the ping. This only applies to threads, posts, comments and bulletins. Users will not be re-pinged if the post is edited.

You can ping a character by using @@characterId, for example: @@1 or @@123. This will not notify the user, and simply formats the character link.

What's an authorization list?

Adding a user to your authorization list allows them to view your protected characters and bulletins. You can also set custom image visibility options for authorized users; for example, allowing authorized users to view your un-watermarked images, whereas public users cannot.

You can add a user to your authorization list by going to their profile and clicking the "Authorize" button on their sidebar.

What does blocking a user do?

Blocked users:

  • Cannot contact you for any reason, including messaging you, commenting on your profile or any of your characters or bulletins, requesting links to any of your characters, pinging you, or authorizing or subscribing to you.
  • Forum posts, comments, characters, and other content from blocked users will be hidden, as well as your content from them.
  • Blocked users will automatically be unsubscribed from your account. If they attempt to view your page or any of your characters they will be told that they are blocked, but note that this will not stop them from viewing Public characters by logging out.

IP Blocked Users:

  • This will block any other user (including guests) attempting to access your profile using an IP address that this user has used.
  • Please keep in mind that IP blocks are not 100% reliable -- there may be false positives (for example, if a user you've IP blocked accesses the site from a shared connection or public Wi-Fi, it will result in you blocking every other user on that network), and it will not stop a user from logging out and using a different network to access your profile.

Muted users:

  • Can still contact, view your profile, and interact with you in a normal manner. You will still receive notifications as usual.
  • Forum posts and comments from muted users will be collapsed, and can be uncollapsed by clicking on them.
  • Characters and literatures from muted users will not show up on the front page, but can still be viewed via their profile or by direct link.

What's quiet mode?

Quiet mode blocks everyone on the site aside from users on your authorization list. This is intended to be used by users who only wish to use the site as a character repository without the social functions. 

How do I purchase or cancel premium membership?

You can find the premium page at the bottom of your Account Settings sidebar; or click here to go directly to the page

Premium membership is not a renewing subscription and does not have to be manually cancelled. You will only be charged for the length of time that you select and membership will automatically end at the end of the time period.