Character Purge

Posted 1 month, 1 day ago (Edited 2 days, 18 hours ago) by karaginshi

Not feeling connected to my characters here, 

All characters are up for sell (cash/PayPal). 

Characters in the trade folder are strictly for trade (characters / art) how much is this one? :0

I'm interested in these two guys:

How much would the second one be? I didn't see it in the description ^////^

Also, you wouldn't be interested in bust art for any of them would you?:

I have the money though, if not :3

This character , I'm interested in offering for! I can offer art, or this character with a doodle throw-in like below (ALSO, apologies for the doodle of the character, i was trying to feel around the design):p3E6uH2tQg25bYZD2verKQ.pngngVly6uXT_ucq5jEm2OjXA.png How much is this cutie? I'd love to buy! Can offer 25-30$ if it's an OTA, or I can maybe offer a char / art trade 

How much are you asking for this one?