Dreamies for Sale (9/15/17)

Posted 14 days, 19 hours ago (Edited 7 days, 21 hours ago) by TheNobles

We have been really trying to narrow our characters down and focus on the ones we love. With all the recent new events that have occurred, we would like to start settling down a bit and getting our lives together where we both can get married, start our dream careers and more. We are not planning on leaving the adopt community fully, just slowing down and taking a break. :)

Anyway, before we get started, please do consider checking out our other sales post here where we are selling alot of other CS/Non-CS characters!

Paypal Only. No E-checks. No Holds. No Payment Plans available at this time.
Payment within 24 hours of confirmation from us.
We have the right to deny sale without reason.


Julius (Kodirge - $300)

Regal (Kodirge - $500)


Gemma (Kodirge)

We traded a Kodirge Dreamy + Kodirge Czylph for Gemma. We'd like something that we can connect with. Either a Czylph or Dreamy, but willing to look at other adopts.
No Art or Vouchers.

Comment or PM!

Cradlesong Ahh sorry, they were sold over a note before your comment. ;v;

I really like Gemma See anybody here? http://toyhou.se/Elesh/characters

Elesh Thank you for the offer but we will pass <3

mufifins they are super cute but we will pass ;v;

If Julius or Gallus are still here by friday, ill buy one!

Hubris okay! <3 

For gemma, does this character interest you ? http://toyhou.se/507741.-s-t-trade-only

Vowltures no thank you!:)

Hii is Gallus still avalable?

Hubris Yes! :) Would you like to purchase him?