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We need homes ( ・_・)♡

☆ ★ ☆

★ Resells

Haggling is okay on any design over $10. Designs up for resell are also tradeable to the right offer. Open to holds.

★ Trades

You may offer Art, Designs and/or Vouchers. I will only not accept Voucher if I didn't personally spend on the design.

★ Design cravings

  • Shark kemonomimis/anthro maybe
  • RPG classes
  • Male humanoid/kemonomimi characters (might buy!)

☆ Art cravings

  • None atm.

★ Offers

You may offer on characters outside my trade/resell folder so long as it isn't tagged, forevermore but please note it is unlikely I will accept.

☆ ★ ☆

Please don't feel offended or hurt if I pass. o(╥﹏╥)o Everyone has different tastes and some characters I hold attachment to more than others.

If we are in the process of a trade or hold, I reserve the right to cancel if you do not respond to my messages after a reasonable amount of time has passed or do not complete what we agreed upon within a reasonable amount of time. I'm a very patient person but it becomes a worry if there is no communication and/or the trade takes too long.

Thanks for your interest and I wish you a pleasant day! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

☆ ★ ☆

☆ Pending Trade/Hold Record

  1. MagatamaSnap 0/2 - 26 Oct 16 - Milanna
  2. BakaBun 0/1 - 08 May - Koemi
  3. xAnaCristinaMG 1/3 - 25 June - Bryony

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Hi! I really like these ahh <3 http://toyhou.se/300539.ztrade-chill http://toyhou.se/261501.z15-bane-tentative

feel free to poke around my TH! those in Mains and NFT can't be traded ^^;

thanriu FurryWolf5 Nyrissa

Thank you for offers but I'll have to pass! 

Hunibi Thanks for the offer! I'll have to pass sorry ; v ; I'm only interested in the one you have on hold xD;; https://toyhou.se/1190064.18-on-hold

Stareater, alright thank you for looking ;v; 

Fudge I love this character So much! https://toyhou.se/1057147.z800dapoints-francoise too bad I'm broke atm 😢.WHY DO I LOOK AT STUFF I CANT HAVE

MoonFox I know those feels ; v ; 

If I don't manage to resell/trade characters after a while and I don't feel as attached to them anymore, I put them in my freeb folder though! 


Oh really! Well if you decide to put her in there, please let me know!. I'll definitely watch this thread 💜😊

I feel like I've commented before somewhere here before m, early apologize if I have OTL but-

I absolutely love this guy so much ??? Anybody here or here you'd like for them?? ;; _;