Ezri's Commission Garden | OPEN |

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago (Edited 2 months, 28 days ago) by Ezri

I'm trying to save up, so I'm opening permanent commissions! c:
If you're interested, fill out the form at the bottom and comment on the thread or PM it to me~



Bust: $10 Sketchy | $20 Clean

Knee-up: $25 Sketchy | $40 Clean

Fullbody: $30 Sketchy | $60 Clean

Chibi: $15 (Clean only)

*add half of the total for couples

- all prices in USD, Paypal only please! -
-price may increase for very complicated designs-


also check out my art tumblr here !


Kemonomimi, anthros/furries, closed species, etc. are all okay!

No NSFW (some nudity is fine -- ask me about it), gore/guro, 4-legged creatures

Payment is to be made after I show you a preview sketch. Total turnaround is usually 1 day - 1 week!


Character Reference(s): (text is fine, images preferred)
Type: (Bust/Knee-up/Fullbody/Chibi)
Style: (Sketchy or Clean)
Price: (ask me if you're not sure!)
Other Info: (character personality notes, pose ideas, etc. Anything else you think I should know!)

Crevan take your time, I'll be around! <3

Commenting to remind myself!

Gosh, your style is so cute!

Character Reference(s): Here!

Type: Fullbody

Style: Sketchy

Price: $30

Other Info: Clothed pics are a little off-model/undetailed. I'm working on an alternate outfit if you'd prefer to use that.

SkeleTelestic Thank you! Your OC's super pretty, too~ I love his patterns!

I don't mind going with the outfit he already has, just so I can go ahead and get started on it ASAP, but if you'd rather I wait and see the other outfit that's fine too!

You can go ahead and start if you're fine with the outfit, thank you!

Character Reference(s): http://toyhou.se/794622.vikkren-vik/gallery

Type: bust

Style: sketchy

Price: $10

Other Info: for the pose, maybe he can look a bit sad? if thats alright i mean

felidae thank you! yeah that's fine for the pose <3 I'll send you a wip as soon as I can !


Ezri Out of curiosity, what is your turn around time like? I'M SO STUPID. I DIDN'T SEE

Emy LMAO that's okay!! If you want to know how long anything in particular usually takes feel free to ask!

Are you available for a couple of comms, by chance? :o I have some funds again!

Crevan Thank you for asking, yes, I'm still open! : D

Well, since I saw you say Canon x OC is okay when another user asked, I'd like to request a commission from you as well. <3

Character Reference(s):
Character A:  [o1] [o2] [03] [04]
Character B:  [o1] [o2] [New hairstyle reference]

Type: Knee-up couple

Style: Clean

Price: I think it should be around $60 USD?

Other Info:  Married couple, so please include gold wedding bands on their ring fingers of their left hands if they're showing.  Not super picky about poses, but something to show that they're very close would be great, if possible.  Hugging/kissing would be a huge bonus.  Both are male, as well, I know the brown-haired one looks a tad feminine in the references but I'm trying to rework his design away from that.

artswaifu Thanks so much! That all looks fine to me, so I'll send you a WIP sketch as soon as possible o/