The rules are a work in progress, please let us know if there're any areas you feel should be clarified!

As a general rule of thumb, if a staff member asks you to discontinue an activity or a behaviour, please respect their decision. If you continue to ignore the instructions of a staff member, you may face temporary or permanent suspension.

User Conduct and Disputes

We will try to interfere as little as possible with user commentary or disputes; features such as blocking and quiet mode are intended to allow users to moderate their own environments. If you feel that you are being attacked, harassed, or targeted in such a way that prevents your comfortable usage of the site (and that cannot be prevented by using site tools), please contact a staff member to mediate for you.


Do not sell things that you do not own or have permission to sell. We will suspend your account indefinitely until the transaction is resolved.

Ban or Block Circumvention

Creating new accounts in order to circumvent site bans will result in immediate permanent suspension of all your accounts and may lead to a permanent IP ban.

Creating new accounts and using those accounts to communicate with, deal with, violate the terms of, or otherwise interact with a user who has blocked you, blacklisted you, or otherwise requested you to discontinue interacting with them, will result in immediate suspension of all your accounts. This includes but is not limited to: using new accounts to PM users or post in the threads of users who have blocked you, or using new accounts in order to participate in events or sales from users who have blacklisted or excluded you in some form from the event.

Spamming and Flooding

Flooding is defined as taking up large portions of public site space while contributing no substantial content and is prohibited. While you can do as you like within private areas, such as on your profile or on the profiles of your friends (with permission), please show consideration to other users when conducting yourself in a public area. Spamming or flooding may lead to removal of the reported material and temporary or permanent suspension of your account depending on severity.

Art Usage

We do not allow uploading of art or designs that you do not have ownership of or permission to redistribute. Unauthorized reproduction of other peoples' intellectual property will result in removal of all relevant content upon report. Repeat offenses will lead to temporary or permanent suspension.

Attempts to profit from unauthorized use of other peoples' intellectual property will result in immediate permanent suspension.

NSFW Content

Not Safe For Work ("NSFW") content covers any content including:

  • Any blatant depiction of genitalia
  • Implied or explicit sexual content
  • Excessive amounts of explicit gore
Submission of NSFW content without being appropriately flagged (in the case of images) or containing a warning in the title (in the case of forum threads or bulletins) may result in your content being moderated or removed by site staff upon report. NSFW content is not to be posted on public threads, bulletins, characters or user pages with no visible NSFW label in the title or description. Repeat offenses may lead to temporary or permanent suspension.


With consideration to the above rules, avatars may not contain NSFW content, make unauthorised use of other persons' intellectual property, or break any other rule on the site.