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(Friendly Note: If you experience any form of derealization or dehumanization, perhaps this isn't the corner of the internet for you. We encourage you to scuttle along and find a place better suited to your interests. We hope you stay safe and please drink some water, when was the last time you had any? (-: )

You took one too many wrong turns on the internet, huh? So now you're here.

Welcome to Limbo. Have you been here before? Is that why this place feels so... familiar?

Perhaps we called to you, beckoning you home.

Either way, enjoy your stay. We have plenty of fiji water and doritos. Live like it's 1999 and the internet might end tomorrow when the clock ticks over to 2000.

You are safe here. You are loved. Welcome home, old friend.

(Please do not heavily reference from my OCs. Color picking is OK, just change it up a little bit. Shift the hues or something. You can't own a color pallet lol)

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