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These characters are not up for sale or offers unless I have an advertisement exclusively saying I will accept sales or offers! I have them labeled in case I do put these characters up for offers. If I do have a sale, I will not break a creator's TOS for you or your friends. I have a right to decline any sale. Majority of these characters mean a lot to me which is why they are still in my main I do not do ping requests for characters nor can I remember DM requests for certain characters. If you wish to find my sales account, please visit BobaKitTea! ♡

Please do not
  • Kin/trace/copy/steal my characters or their art
  • Take heavy inspiration on my characters
  • DM me about character pings or for me to let you know if I disconnect from a character (just keep an eye on my adopt - I generally don't sell from this account
  • Offer on them unless you have seen a recent advertisement with an emergency sale or entertaining offers
  • Expect me to make relationships with your characters upon request - I will consider them if they fit
Content Warnings
  • Sensitive topics
  • Alcohol mentions
  • Some drug use
  • Mental health

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