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Infergo is a battle-worn veteran who served majority of his youth in the military, raising to the rank of General. He was honorably discharged from service after he was hurt in the war, causing him to land in a coma for 3 months. He woke up to a changed world. A world where his service was no longer needed or wanted in the military and the war he had been fighting his entire life had ended without him being there during the last great battle. He's a very large and muscular fire dragon with asymetric wings. He's covered in multiple black scars. He's very below average when it comes to his race's definition of beauty, something which has always plagued his self confidence. It subsided during his time in the military where beauty had no value and strength was the winning factor. He now live together with his boyfriend, Siun, and trying his best fitting into the new world where there's now peace between the Fire and Ice dragons who had been fighting for decades.

Basics »

Name Infergo Alington
Species Fire Dragon
Age 33
Gender Male
Status Taken by Siun
Theme TBA

"The most important rule on the battlefield is, that you must never feel superior to anyone as it might bring your guards down."

Likes »

  • ♥ Siun
  • ♥ Sex
  • ♥ Fighting
  • ♥ Fire

Dislikes »

  • ✖ Ice Dragons
  • ✖ Killing
  • ✖ Cold
  • ✖ Children

Personality »

4435910_6pqWwkwTsmpCaZJ.png Infergo is very reserved, and may sometimes even apear cold and apathetic, but he has a kind heart and takes pleasure in helping others; whether they actually wanted his help or not. He is very blunt and is not afraid of speaking his mind about matters. He’s a realist and look at things like they are. He doesn’t care about the idealistic world vision of optimists, but neither believes everything is destinied to go wrong. He’s introverted and enjoys spending time at home where he feels more safe and less consious about his surroundings. He prefers to only be around one or two people at the time and stay away from larger groups. Infergo is very cautious in speaking about his feelings. He prefer to be the listener, rather than the speaker. He only shares personal information when he’s either drunk or in the pressence of a very good friend or partner. Even then, it might take some nudging before he let anything out. However once he’s started, he will usually let everything out at once. He’s a self critic and have high expetations for his own abilities; often so high he can’t meet them, causing fustration over his own flaws. However, he does not answer well to other people’s critism and will often become defensive if anyone question his actions. He is stubbornly sturdy in his belief that there's nothing wrong in his way of treating Siun (His partner) and that everything he do is with Siun's best interest in mind.


  • Headstrong and determined.
  • Protective and caring.
  • Disciplined and polite.
  • Brave.


  • Low self confidence.
  • Unable to handle critisism.
  • Low tempered and impatient.
  • Poor judgement.
Affection ★ ★ ★ ★
Patience ★ ★
Creativity ★ ★
Maturity ★ ★ ★ ★
Generosity ★ ★ ★
Optimism ★ ★ ★
Empathy ★ ★ ★ ★
Logical ★ ★ ★ ★
Bravery ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Stamina ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Intellegence ★ ★ ★
Insight ★ ★
Confidence ★ ★
Politeness ★ ★ ★ ★
Focus ★ ★ ★
Work Ethic ★ ★ ★ ★

Apperance »

⇀ Description

Infergo is mainly covered in brown scales with a redish hue. Two fins sprout from the back of his head and his shoulders, hips and tails are adorned by yellow spikes. An enormous club is located at his tail, helping him with keeping balance during quick movement.
Massive wings form at his shoulders, one leathered batwing and one feathered one. His body is well toned; His strength is obvious from the amount of muscles visible and his scars leak his war-filled past.

⇀ Important Notes

  • The scar over his eye and the ones on the side of his belly only appear on his left side. The rest is visible from both sides. The skin under his scales are black which is what cause the scars to appear black as well..
  • His different-shaped wings makes flight almost impossible, however he is able to soar.
  • His tailtip is very heavy and is a formidable weapon. One is wise to keep an eye out when attacking from the rear.

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Background »

4435697_nmphp6nJ0zPNVzP.png Infergo was the General of the Fire Army when war broke out between the Fire- and Ice Nation. He participated in many bloody battles where he lead his comrades to death in the fight against Ice Dragons, as well as taking many lives himself. It was believed that the Fire Dragons would win the war since they had the most structured fighting styles and had won the majority of battles. However, everything changed during the last Great Battle of Morshwore. After spotting each other on the battlefield, Infergo engaged in battle with the General of The Ice Army, Glacior, believing he’d be able to win and put the Ice Army at an even worse stance. However, his own belief in his strength compared to Glacior’s was misplaced and he was hit uncoincious after a strong swipe of Glacior’s tail. The damage was much worse than first anticipated and Infergo landed in a coma that lasted 3 motnhs and 10 days. He woke up, confused and enraged to find out that the Ice Nation had won the battle after he was rendered useless, even with the help of their old Earth Dragon allies. He refused to believe that the Ice Nation truly won, and claims that the Fire Dragons telling him this was simply traitors trying to hinder him in returning to the battle field.

Trivia »

  • Infergo is very self-concious about his scars after the war.
  • Infergo is horrible at flying because of his asymetric wings. He much prefer walking.
  • Infergo still calls himself General despite no longer being associated with the military. He also responds in anger when anyone point out that he no longer hold this title.
  • Infergo came from a lower middle-class family. He never felt the poverty of having to go hungry to bed or having any basic needs uncovered, but he hasn't had any taste of a luxurious life either.
  • His parents had great expactations of him, wanting him to be an academic in the field of science. They were therefore displeased with his choice to join the army.
  • He love his parents but rarely talk to them after they expressed great distate in his sexual prefference.

Relationships »

hGycVTJ.png»Siun [ Partner ]
Siun is Infergo's everything. This might also be the reason behind his obsession with the younger dragon - And why he struggles differentiating between obsession and love. He's overly protective of Siun, doing everything in his might to protect him but fails to see when he himself is the cause of the smaller's misery. He love Siun with all his heart, and is doing everything to make sure Siun feel the same about him. Even if he sometimes become a bit too assertive.
z87jvKs.png»Glacier [ Enemy ]
Glacier is Infergo's sworn enemy. He was the general of the Ice Army at the same time as Infergo serving in the military. However he was much more experienced than the younger fire dragon and so he defeated him in battle. They've always had mutual respect but deep and burning hatred for each other.
9pCqbyE.png»Seldur [ Friend & Subordinate ]
Seldur was Lieutenant General and the second-in-command right after Infergo. They both had a great deal of mutual respect and considered each other friends. They entered the military around the same time and rose in ranks together. He was promoted to General when Infergo was wounded in battle. He was tragically slain during the last between the fire and ice army, resulting in the Fire Dragon's defeat. Infergo didn't take the news of his death lightly.

Character owned by Eyenoom . Design by Eyenoom . Profile CSS by Wicked
Art Credit: Grypwolf . Tulitoukka . SinisterEternity . Esodra

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