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Adult - NB (He/Her) - Ferret - Demirom/Ace - August 25th

"How about trading that neat thing you got there?"


Hunter is quite the crafty ferret. He knows how to achieve his goals, and likes trying to finish new tasks he sets out for himself. He loves discovering new things about pretty much anything, even if he gets into a little trouble finding something out. He'll often play dumb to hide exactly how smart he is to someone new just to baffle them later on. Playing stupid is something he finds fun to do. Mostly to see how someone would react.

Hunter has a large hoard of things and only shows it to those he trusts. He'll often steal a shiny or two when you aren't looking. If you give him something he'll love, he'll give you something from his hoard he thinks you'd like. Hunter has a hard time hearing the word no. Though he's gotten better at accepting that he can't just take anything he wants. He still ge has his doubts about himself. While he may seem hyper and happy, he actually has pessimistic views on things. He often doubts himself and others. He finds it hard to open up, or even trust others, because of this.


Hunter is a tall ferret with a height of 6ft (20 inches as a feral) and is a little bit chubby. He'll often be been wearing bowties.


  • Cherries and bananas
  • Hoarding things
  • Mischief
  • Adventure shows/books
  • Giving gifts to friends


  • Hoard thieves
  • Strict rule followers
  • Live action movies
  • Sour things
  • Hoarders that don't share


S/O: Trinket
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Wesley, Frost, Hope, Quincy, Hunter
Enemies: N/A


  • Will happily trade things from his hoard if you have something interesting
  • He will probably give you almost anything in his hoard for a banana smoothie
  • Doesn't care if you use male or female pronouns. Hunter's fine with either
  • Will often give Trinket clothe related items and gets shinies in return
  • He got his bowtie from Trinket
  • Love collecting bottlecaps!
  • Has some banana plushies that are squishy


Can be drawn feral or anthro
His tail can be colored with either 4 or 6 of the darker and lighter colors. Whichever works better!
Mask can be a sharper diamond shape if it suits your style better!
Bowtie is optional


Hunter was born on a small island in the forest. There wasn't a lot of other animals there, but he loved playing dumb with the ones who were, and found it fun to outsmart them later on. His hoard grew larger and larger as he grew up, and his greed grew as he moved away from his parents. He quickly learned how to survive on his own, even if he liked visiting his parents sometimes. Hunter wanted the largest hoard of neat things he could get! He'd often cheat others out of their things, or even go as far as stealing if he really wanted something to bring back home.

One day, he was surprised to see that someone had washed up on the beach. He was intrigued to find a jackalope had shipwrecked on his little island, and decided to stick around until the rabbit woke up. He soon found out that the jackalope's name was Wesley, and how he was traveling all around Peluna. When asked questions about the island, Hunter played dumb. He pretended to not know what a beach was, and called it the outer bathtub when it was explained to him. He didn't know why Wesley stuck around, but Hunter found the jackalope fun to be around.

Hunter was interested in all the stories that Wesley told him, and soon he wanted to get off the island and see some of these places. The two waited for a cargo ship to board and left the island after Hunter packed some of his things. The two ended up on the dragon isles, Zaphiara. Hunter had never seen a dragon before! He quickly go new things for his hoard, and they both met one of the dragons named Frost. She gave them a tour after Wesley asked her. After a few weeks, Frost helped them off of Zaphiara and back to the main continent of Asira. Wesley bought the bought of them phones so they could all stay in contact, and went back home after saying goodbye.

Hunter and Frost continued on and checked out Asira. He eventually found a place he wanted to call home and settled there. He said goodbye to Frost before she left to check out what else Peluna has to offer. He quickly learned that he wouldn't be able to pull the same cheating stunts here that he did back home, and had a harder time finding things for his hoard. After a few months of living there, he met a dachshund named Hope who showed him how to be kinder. All he needed was a little help after living in such a small village for so many years! Hope was happy to do what she could to get Hunter use to living in such a big town.

After some time, Hunter became kinder and more generous. He'd often trade things from his own hoard for things that he wanted. He and Hope still keep in touch, and Hunter even found himself a partner that he looks forward to seeing everyday!

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