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  • NAME Milky/Milkyy


  • GENDER 47869257_xmCVbBJ9SnxocQ4.png

  • ORIENTATION 47868723_j6Wo8nbQp9tbtYG.png fraysexualflag.png


  • HEIGHT 5'3"





Milky is a gentle little soul who struggles greatly with memory issues. He has great difficulty retaining short-term information, which makes it hard to converse with his friends. He has to use daily pill containers just to ensure that he takes his medication. Due to past trauma, any kind of positive interactions are hard for him, and he often struggles with loss of speech for sometimes days at a time. It's not easy to be friends with him, but the friends he does have are patient and gentle with him, for which he is so thankful.

He age-regresses every so often, but only does so when he's with one of his friends who can look after him. This usually falls to Nissan, who keeps toys and coloring books for Milky at his apartment just for these times. Despite all of this, he is still very much an adult and behaves as such when he needs to, but he's happily engaging his sexual interests and having good romps with strangers, since that's what he wants. Nissan will always make him check in before and after, just to make sure he's safe.

His special interests are interstellar space phenomena and gardening shows on tv. The stockings on his arms and legs are compression socks, and make him feel comfy and safe. He only takes them off when it's time for a fresh pair, and they all look exactly the same. He doesn't like change.

Milky only vaguely remembers where he came from, and only being vaguely aware of it is a sheer blessing. Suffering from neglect, along with physical and mental abuse as a child, Milky ran away as a teenager, meeting up with whatever internet boyfriend he'd had at the time. Unfortunately, since he'd never known what any kind of good or healthy relationship was like, he was easily taken advantage of by his boyfriend, keeping him trapped in the same cycle of abuse, until he ran away again, leaving in the middle of the night, taking nothing with him. After hopping on a bus, Milky rode it as far as he could, until he had no more money left. He resorted to spending his days begging for spare change, stealing food from local bodegas, and sleeping in whatever parks he could find. Once he'd saved up enough money, he'd get on another bus, not caring where the destination was. He kept this up for months, until he finally wound up in Moda.

Being a progressive city, Milky was able to get an apartment for himself without having to pay a cent, thanks to the city's free housing. After seeking some medical care, and mental health care after, Milky was given everything he needed to keep himself afloat, provided by the city, allowing him to live peacefully without the need to work. He has a food delivery system that he can use twice a week, and receives his medication refills in the mail.

Despite living a generous, easy life, it's not a basket of roses for Milky. He struggles greatly with basic tasks, and has a hard time remembering or wanting to bathe, brush his teeth, or even eat. It's not easy being autistic with borderline personality disorder, with ADHD, depression, and anxiety on top of all of it, but he tries his best when he has the spoons to do so. However, he's befriended a few of his neighbors, and they all help look after him, whether it be texting him a reminder to have a snack, or coming over and helping him with laundry. He's since learned to have a little bit of a schedule that way, and it's helped him open up a little bit over time. He enjoys video games, especially ones he can play on his phone while lying in bed. Cookie Run is his favorite! He occasionally takes walks outside to go to the ice cream shop down the street, or the planetarium.





Milky met Vellum on his way to the ice cream shop, and it was one of the best days of his life. While the two come from extremely different backgrounds, they both share memory loss as a common trait between them, which is something not a lot of people can understand, so it bonded them together.




Nissan is one of Milky's neighbors, and while he doesn't really enjoy the company of anyone, he has a soft spot for Milky. When Milky wants or needs to age-regress, he goes over to Nissan's apartment to do it, knowing he'll be looked after and safe.

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