🌈✨ Marvin ✨🌈



Marvin King Halle
Male (ftm)
Dec 10 1987
Computer programmer
Kind . Passionate . Introverted

Marvin tends to be rather quiet and reserved, though he is a big sweetheart. He has a few issues caused by his traumatic past, but he is working on a proper recovery. He has been married to Severus for 4 years and he absolutely adores Severus with his entire heart.

Marvin is very kind, loyal, and hardworking. He is often too kind for his own good. This has lead people to take advantage of him in the past. Marvin wants to make sure everyone’s happy, putting their needs before his own. He sometimes forgets to care for himself. He’s very optimistic. He tries to see the good in everyone, even if that gets very difficult sometimes. Marvin is very passionate about things he cares about. As the years progress, Marvin has gotten more reserved.. But his kindness still remains.


  • History
  • Old timey stuff
  • Computers
  • Horror stories
  • Video games
  • Writing
  • Stuffed animals

  • Strangers
  • Crowds
  • Being alone
  • Christian
  • Loud noises and yelling
  • Bread
Too weird to love, too scared to die.

  • My oldest still used OC! Made him back in 2013.
  • Marvin is a very strong comfort OC of mine, I love him a lot.
  • Marvin is diagnosed with PTSD, autism, and bipolar II!
  • Marvin was born and raised in Germany, but his parents are from Estonia and America.
  • Marvin currently resides in Brighton, England
  • Marvin's favorite band is They Might Be Giants
  • Marvin used to be my fursona!
Design Notes

  • Please don't draw him naked, art of him shirtless is alright if it is to showcase his top surgery scars.
  • His eye scar is not optional.
  • Please remember his glasses!
  • His orange eye is artificial, he cannot see through it and it is merely for looks.
  • He is 6'6 and very fluffy.
  • He has slightly digitigrade legs

Marvin was born in 1987, to his parents Leena Halle and Christian King. Leena often stayed home to care for her son, she was a very caring mother, always wanting the best for her child. Christian on the other hand, was an awful father and an awful partner. Marvin often had to witness his abusive acts towards Leena, feeling powerless and unable to stop it. Marvin was 6 years old when he came out to his mother as trans, and she helped him start socially transitioning.

As Marvin grew older, his father's behavior became worse. Marvin was 11 when Leena had enough of Christian's behavior and fought back. Badly injured, Christian ran off to heal, only to get murdered by other demons later that night. Christian's death took a toll on Leena's mental health, though she did not want to show weakness to her son.


Still unable to cope properly with his childhood trauma and the death of his father, Marvin took to unhealthy and bad coping mechanisms. At school Marvin would be relentessly bullied by the other kids, making him scared of other people. When he was at home he would often lock himself up in his room, refusing to even speak to his mother. Marvin became uninentionally aggressive when he felt overwhelmed and stressed. Marvin's aggression caused Leena to fear him, seeing him as a copy of his father.

When Marvin was 16, he had finally learned to control his aggression and his body language. He also developed more healthy coping mechanisms. He tried to socialize more, but he was still considered a social outcast. Thanks to the rise of the internet, Marvin was able to connect to people and make friends online. This helped Marvin a lot. Marvin was 18 when he met Nick, he formed a deep bond with Nick and decided when he was 19 to move to England to meet him.


Marvin's relationship with Nick was unstable and unhealthy, Nick treated Marvin like an object. It didn't last long, Marvin was eventually thrown out. He spent a few weeks roaming random motels and frequenting bars. One day he met Severus at a bar, Severus took pity on the young Marvin and invited him to stay with him until Marvin was able to get stuff together and move out again.

Marvin ended up staying with Severus, as the two entered a relationship when Marvin was 22, back in 2010. He ended up getting job within programming. He also mended his relationship with his mother, he tries to visit her in Germany as often as he is able to. In his spare time he often writes or spends time in the garden! He also enjoys painting. As the years have progressed Marvin has gotten more closed off and doesn't really make friends anymore, but he still behaves friendly and kind to everyone he comes across. Marvin and Severus got married in 2016.


  • Marvin is born in Hildesheim, Germany to his parents Leena Halle from Haapsalu, Estonia and Christian King from Texas, USA.
  • Marvin is 6 when he tells his mother he does not feel comfortable being considered a girl, Leena helps him socially transition.
  • Marvin's father dies when Marvin is 11.
  • Marvin moves to England when he's 19.
  • Marvin meets Severus when he's 20, the two start dating when Marvin is 22, they later get married in 2016.
  • In-between all of this, Marvin is able to physically transition as well, but that process isn't started until he settles down in England.
code by jiko | art by willwood