Abraham ✞



2 years, 4 months ago



Name Abraham

Gender Male

Age 14.08.2013-21.05.2022

Size 15

Picto tap

Species Half-Spirit


  • Sweetheart, when I die, I will be a cloud. Over your head, with you, not to be lonely. On the flight, on the plane press against the glass I'll be waiting in the sky for a kiss

Part I


Abraham was born into the family of Cora and Cerbert. His mother was very caring and gave her son a good upbringing and instilled a love of life. Abraham did not see his father very often, so he did not remember him very well. The boy grew up well and quickly. He made acquaintances easily, and when he became an adult, acquired many good friends. One day he fell in love, and it was mutual. All was well for a long time, until one day by chance Abraham caught his girlfriend with another man...

Part II


He was not prepared for such a betrayal and at first almost died of terrible grief. After that, all his suicidal thoughts turned into absolute evil and hatred for all living things. His physical body was one step away from death, but then began to undergo many transformations and rebirths. Now his reborn body carried within it a horrible killer, a predator who began to prey on young and weak deer. He killed, enjoying the process. Evil nourished his soul more and more. His body underwent many mutations and transformations and was like a killing machine. Some friends left him because they couldn't handle him and were afraid. But he had little Ayli by his side, no matter what. Many times communicating with Abraham threatened her with death, but she didn't give up. And soon her love and care helped the demon to forget all grief and evil. Abraham gradually returned to a quiet life.

Part III


His fangs and spines gradually fell away, as did his reptilian tail. He stopped eating meat and gradually returned to his normal deer lifestyle. His coat color changed, and his face appeared from beneath his skull. Thanks to Aili, he loved life again and rethought everything. He regained some friends and found new ones. Life played with new colors and he was extremely happy about it. He was happy.

Part IV

Time passed. Abraham grew older and older. His quiet life was shifting into an increasingly quieter direction. Many friends finally left the Forest. It became quiet and peaceful. Ayli also began to come less often, but her spiritual sister Elsa was always there. As a Forest Spirit, she had instilled her way of life and worldview in Abraham. Her efforts were not in vain - soon the former predator became very spiritual and elevated. He renounced everything of value and gradually became part of the Forest. His body was covered with green shoots, herbs, and flowers, just like his sister Elsa's. With the help of Piaf and her magic, Abraham had a long-awaited son, Ocean. Now his life is gradually rolling into the sunset and this time he spends as comfortable as possible for himself, gradually transforming into the Forest from which he once appeared.


The last part

He and his sister Elsa died on May 21, 2022, surrounded by their very best friends. He is now petrified and will remain an overgrown statue of moss and grass not far from the cemetery.