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Hello! I promise I won't take up too much of your time with this, but please make sure to give this a read!

  • ¬†Offers are welcome on all characters unless it specifically states on their profile not to offer or the folder they are sorted in.

  • You can add my characters to dreamie lists/wishlists/etc. outside of those in sonas. I think it's neat that you enjoy my OCs as much as I do! However, please don't harass me/send people to harass me to accept your offers.

  • Characters added to my favorites are by NO means part of my "wishlist". They're simply characters and designs I enjoy looking at! Please do not harass their owners.

  • Please do not trace/steal/kin my characters or use them in RP or anything of the like. I'm pretty lenient on most things, but failure to comply with this will result in a blacklist/block.

Thank you for reading!

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