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name octis
alias n/a
age adult; immortal
pronouns he/him
demeanor cold, impersonal
height average tall
likesmeditation, koi fish
species king cheetah / angel

Cast down from a higher plane, Octis was once a noble angel that resided in the holy courts. His cool, calculating mind made him proficient at the task of issuing justice upon tainted souls. With his immense power he could whisk away their sin or condemn them to a deathless eternity in purgatory. Though, things were not always to be.

The restless angel grew tired of bowing underneath an almighty deity, vexed that he had to remain humble and complacent in their presence. Octis set off to kill the god, only to be grossly overpowered. He was tossed down to the mortal world and forced to linger there to atone for his crime through banishment. Furious, Octis swore to seek revenge on the deity that had disposed him below by creating his own church within the walls of a towering black cathedral. While it appears to be an ordinary, albeit questionable church upon first glance, Octis secretly recruits patrons and transforms them into his ever-growing army of demons.

Octis has a rather frigid personality. His mind is always steeled. The Priest refuses to touch or be touched by anyone - even going so far as to mortally wound forewarned demons that come too close to him. The only sentiment he appears to have resides solely with his immense koi pond. Dozens of the fish swim within the pool. Greed demons are tasked with stealing one of these fish during their initiation rite - however if the demon kills the fish by accident, Octis will transform them into a fish to replace it. He spends most of his time lingering around the numerous pavilions and pond in the church's courtyard. Most menial tasks involving interaction with the patrons and guests alike are delegated to his Minister, Gabriel.

Artist Commentary: Octis is an idiot and needs to learn the magic of friendship and caring

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