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犬嶌 • 稲荷

Inushima Inari
"I'm glad that my people are happy...even if I was the one to suffer in the end."

There was once a powerful god, a god who protected the land and harvest of the townsfolk. A god with hair as soft as silk and as bright as the sun—he was a kind and gentle god. However, for years, a great famine appeared before the land. Struck with grief for his people, the god tried his best to fix the tragedy as much as he could. But somehow, not even a god could reverse the famine. For years, the land slowly became barren and filled with the weak and sickly. The god wept everyday, wanting all the suffering to end. The longer the famine went on, the more people stopped believing in him. His powers weakened as each month passed, and in the latter months of the famine, he almost had no strength in him left. In what he thought was going to be his last moments, he gathered all the strength he had left to disguise himself as a human and experience his last moments with the people he loved and tried to protect so dearly from afar. However, when the god reached the village, his disguise faltered and revealed his godly features. In fear, the villagers captured the god who they thought was a 'monster' and kept him in a dungeon, bound tightly, and away from the light he loved so dearly. The god, even when betrayed by the people he loved unconditionally, still forgave them in his last moments.
Some say that the god was reborn and still lingers through the land. No longer was his hair as bright as the sun, but now a dull shade of silver; and no longer did he smile as much as he used to, because everyday, he remembered his people's betrayal, the bitter taste still remaining as the years pass. He may have forgiven his people, but the agony he experienced is something he will never forget.

...As decades pass, the land slowly recovered from the great famine and handed on tales of a fiery-haired monster with frightening golden eyes. It was a tale, twisted and altered as time went on. As the townsfolk would say, the golden-eyed monster was the one that caused the famine. It put a curse on the land and let the people suffer for years. Then one day, the monster showed up in town to devour the people while they were vulnerable from sickness and hunger. Fortunately for the townsfolk, they were able to capture the monster and kill it. After a few days, the soil became fertile and crops started to grow healthy again. The town thought that it was a miracle, they rejoiced, and thanked their god—the very same god they stopped believing in until after the famine. Unbeknownst to them, the monster they feared and executed was also their god—their kind and loving god who tried his best to help everyone even when weak.