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Adult - NB (She/They) - Dachshund - Demi - May 30th - Photographer



Hope is an imaginative dachshund, and always has been. She was always coming up with some kind of game to play while she was a kid, and likes to still do that even now. Stuck on a boring car ride? She'll imagine a horse galloping next to the car, jumping over every obstacle in the way. Getting groceries? She likes to pretend she's playing Tetris when she puts things in the basket. Even now, Hope's kept her curiosity about the world around her, and enjoys going to new places to explore. It doesn't matter if it's a new road she's never been on, or a new town she's never been to, Hope loves seeing new things.

While she likes to try and have an open mind, Hope can seem set in her ways, and struggles with sudden big changes. She also has a hard time dealing with sudden changes in her schedule or what she was going to do. Hope finds it easier to go at her own pace, and stresses out when something she didn't plan for happens, especially during a walk to somewhere new. One change, even if it's a small one, can make it feel like her day is ruined.


Hope is a short Dachshund who's only 4'11ft, and has a chubby build. She's often seen with a bandana and/or her camera. She likes taking a traveling bag with her when she's going someplace new.


  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Sight seeing
  • Plushies
  • Sonic (Series)
  • Rainy days


  • Continuous loud noises
  • Most veggies
  • Large crowds of strangers
  • Roller coasters
  • Horror media


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Hunter
Enemies: N/A


  • Loves Tootsie Rolls so much that her nickname is Tootsie
  • Her favorite food is mac and cheese
  • She has a black and brown dachshund plushie she holds dear
  • She has ADHD and Autism (High empathy and high functioning)


She can be drawn feral or anthro. If anthro, she has a flat chest!
She can be drawn with glasses
Her bandana is optional
She can be drawn short or long haired. I don't mind either!
I don't mind if you can't draw her chubby. As long as you draw her long it's fine!


Hope was always imaginative, even back when she was just a pup. She made up all kinds of games with her friends, and loved playing those games with them as much as she could. She spent most of her time outside, either with others or by herself when she was at home. When she was alone, Hope loved to dig holes and explore the yard. She'd often bring pretty leaves or an interesting bug inside to show her family. When she was inside, she loved playing all kinds of games. Made up games, card games, and video games! Hope hardly ever got bored when she had so much she could do!

Even as a teen, she'd still find creative ways to make games fun and interesting. She loved being able to go out and about in the town with her friends. She'd often lead her friends to new places, even if they got lost every once in awhile. She'd bring her dad's camera along with her so she could her family all the interesting things she found with her friends! This led her to become fond of photography. She'd take pictures of pretty flowers and plants, and anything she found neat. Hope showed these pictures to everyone who would listen to her little adventures.

Now as an adult, Hope still loves taking photos, and coming up with little games to play when she starts getting bored. She decided to stay with her parents, and loves coming back to them with new pictures and small stories about what new things she's seen. Every once in awhile, she'll take them on a vacation to somewhere interesting, and they'd all come back with new things to tell everyone.

One day, she was out and about in a town not too far from hers. She found out that someone new in town had been causing trouble, so she decided to find out what was up. She found out that Hunter was new to living in big towns, and had a problem with wanting to take what wasn't his. She happily showed him around the town, and slowly but surely helped him become more friendly and generous. Hope now often likes to hang out with Hunter, and share her photos with him.

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