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Adult - Male - Jackalope - Demi - October 17th - Traveler



Wesley is a jackalope who loves to travel the world. He's seen many places, and all kinds of things! He loves listening to the history of the places he visits, and enjoys telling the stories of his travels to anyone who will listen, and is a great guy to go to when you need to find the perfect vacation destination. He'll pick up all kinds of souvenirs, so his home is filled with all kinds of different nick-knacks. Sometimes, he'll give these things away if he sees that someone is interested in it.

He's perfected a southern accent ever since he got his hat, but that accent will slip if he's talking about something he's excited about. When he's extra happy, he'll do zoomies, which can be bad for anyone around him. He has a bad habit of kicking when he does a binky, and often has to apologize if he accidentally kicks someone. Wesley will offer to buy some food or drinks if that happens. Wesley is surprisingly easy to startle, and he hates it because he squeaks like a kid. He follows his own rules, which can get him into trouble from time to time. His worst habit, other than binky kicks, is that he keeps adding things to his plate until he ends up worrying about how to work through it all.


Wesley is a tall jackalope at 5'9ft. He has antlers that shed like a deer. He's often seen in his hat and bandana, and is hardly ever seen without his canteen when he's out traveling.


  • Banana fudge popsicles
  • Country music
  • Traveling
  • History
  • Pie


  • The heat
  • Mirages
  • Bitter foods
  • His antlers getting in the way
  • Worms


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Hunter, Frost, Zale
Enemies: N/A


  • His nickname is Featherfoot
  • He does zoomies if you give him a banana fudge popsicle
  • Can often be heard singing or humming to country music
  • While he prefers being somewhere cool, he knows how to survive during the hottest days, but hates every moment of it
  • His favorite sweet is any type of pie
  • Always takes his canteen with him


Hat and bandana is optional. Hat is preferred and can be any color. Bandana can be any color and design
His hind feet can be paws or hooves
Feral or anthro is fine!
Antlers can be any length or missing
He can be drawn with paw pads
His canteen look like this!


Wesley had always been interested in cowboys and all kinds of western things. He grew up listening to country music, and lived in a small town. He'd watched western shows and movies with his grandpa when he was young. Wes decided at a young age that he wanted to be like a cowboy. His parents bought him a bandana, and he got his hat from his grandpa for one of his birthdays. Not long after that, Wesley started practicing his southern accent, and kept trying to leave the town to go off on what he liked to call cowboy adventures. He kept his parents busy by running off whenever he could.

Wesley got a home of his own as soon as he could. He's still close to his family, especially his grandpa, but adventure was calling him! He kept in touch with his friends and family as he set out to see the whole world! Wes would bring back all kinds of things from his travels when he came back home. During his travels, he started to get more interested in the history of places he visited. He'd ask all kinds of questions about how little towns started, or he'd find some interesting fossils here and there, he'd even wind in places that weren't officially on maps!

He bought his own boat after traveling to two of the other continents. He wanted to see if he could find islands that weren't even on the map! His wish came true after he was caught up in a storm, and washed up on the small island of Zemus. He'd heard that the island was unihabited, but quickly learned that was wrong. He met Hunter that day, and found the ferret quite interesting. He told Hunter about his travels, and was excited to see how much Hunter enjoyed the stories.

After a few weeks, the two of them boarded a cargo ship and found themselved on Zaphiara next. Wes had heard tales of where the dragons and dinosaurs lived, and wanted to see it after spotting a dragon on one of his previous travels. While there, he met Frost and asked for a tour of the isles. He loved learning about all the history and how things worked! After a few weeks, Wes thought it was time to go back home. With Frost's help, the two went back to Asira. Wesley explained to them that he has to head home, then continue on with his travels. He bought them both a phone so they could all keep in contact with each other before he left.

Wesley is still traveling all over the world, and going home to rest and spend time with his family. He tells all his tales of his adventures when he gets the chance, and even gives away the little trinkets he bought if someone seemed interested enough.

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