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【 Name 】 Greff Eban Jaald【 Called 】 Greff
【 Age 】 18【 D.o.B. 】 9th of Firstbloom
【 Gender 】 Male【 Orientation 】 Bisexual
【 Hair / Eyes 】 Dark Red / Light Brown【 Height / Weight 】 5' 11" / 179 pounds
【 Heart / God 】 Earth & Dark / Emerald God【 Phrase 】 "Let's see it again!"
【 Origin 】 Allunatia【 Species/Race 】 Human

About Greff

At Home

Home City: Port Azure
Works As: Newly trained blacksmith in the 2nd tier of Port Azure
Dream: To be a famous blacksmith and get filthy rich selling his craft!

Living Family

Paternal Grandmother: Garianna Elle Jaire (black hair, blue eyes, 84)
Dad: Geb Eban Jaald (red hair, blue eyes, 44)
Brother: Gren Eban Jaald (red hair, blue eyes, 12)

Other Acquaintences

Best Friend: Hallen Reif Pokire (blond hair, blue eyes, 19)
Nemesis: Julien Admon Ulliald (brown hair, green eyes, 18)

【 Favorites 】
  • Foods: Blackened red meats! Most Fruit
  • Colors: Green, Brown, Blue
  • Activities: Gardening, Swimming, Sword Practice
  • Weather: Hot and Sunny!
  • Fashion: Loose and Comfy
  • Chores: Who does chores? Pah!
  • Creatures: Dogs and Little Green Lizards
【 Most Hated 】
  • Foods: Root Veggies, Fish
  • Colors: Most light colors...
  • Activities: Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry
  • Weather: Overcast and Rainy
  • Fashion: Too tight pants...
  • Chores: Looking after the little brother...
  • Creatures: Cats
【 Fears 】
  • Falling / Heights
  • Failure / Being Outdone / Losing

Life in General

Greff is a serious but fun guy. He believes he is the best and expects the best of himself tho which generally puts him under undo stress. His father and late mother were trying to curb his ego when she died falling out of a tree when Greff was just 12 years old. Greff's father poured himself into his work as a blacksmith to drown out the grief and has never recovered. Greff was left with an impatient and inattentive grandmother and so has had to also try and raise his brother who is 6 years younger than him.

Despite the early hardship and sad events, Greff never left his studies as a blacksmith tho and finished his apprenticeship along with his best friend. They have now started their own market booth to sell their wares they create. Greff's oldest EX-friend and former co-apprentice has done the same tho, and they are sworn enemies now. Greff is adept at swordplay and very charismatic, so he often demonstrates what he and Hallen create all the while shouting, "Let's see it again!" It has proved to be a great salespitch tho their nemesis tends to sell more as he has a better technique and product (right now anyways haha).

Greff, in his off-time, goes all over Port Azure, but his favorite places are the shrine to the Emerald God and the forest to the east (the backside of the port). He prefers traveling alone to the forest and shrine tho often his little brother bothers him by tagging along. Sometimes even Hallen will test the will of Greff's patience and tag along even tho he doesn't even follow the Emerald God. Greff finds this odd and completely annoying.
【 Likes 】
  • Exploring the Woods
  • Fighting with Swords and Fists
  • Creating Awesome Weapons and Armor
  • Showing off!
【 Dislikes 】
  • "Tag-a-longs.."
  • Being told off like he doesn't already know it anyways...
  • Not being the center of attention...
【 Hobbies 】
  • Whittling wood into animals
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Making the perfect sword



[ my jokester bestie ]

We go way back, like back before Julien was an ass. Hallen knows where it's at tho - stuck by me through it all!


[ my loathesome nemisis ]

We were friends once but then he went and made jokes about how my mother died. A man has to have principles...

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