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Hello there! Please read the rules before interacting. Breaking any of them will end up with a warning, or even a blacklist and block. Thanks!

Please Do Not

  • Draw NSFW of my characters (I'm a minor; doing this = permament blacklist + block)
  • Steal or heavily reference my designs and art (color picking is fine)
  • Kin my characters without permission
  • Interact if you fit in the basic DNI criteria (interacting also = permament blacklist + block)
  • Guilt trip me for not accepting your offer etc.
  • Resell or retrade my designs to blacklisted people.

Content Warnings

  • Mentions of death
  • Violence
  • Eye strain/bright colors

More CWs can appear in the future. All of the characters will be properly marked. Also, I do not romanticize any of the characters' bad behaviors and all of the stories are fictional.

Not important, but there might be small spelling mistakes since English is not my native language.

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