Adult - Female - Fennec Folf - Demirom/Ace/Polyam - March 9th



Kipper is a hyperactive and bubbly kind of fennec. She's been told she's too noisy when hanging out with friends. Kip has a hard time controlling her volume when she's having a good time, and she's often impulsive when doing things with friends. Sometimes it's a good thing, but other times she annoys her friends without meaning to. She just wants to have fun! She likes trying to make her friends laugh, and likes to show them things that remind her of them, whether it's a neat looking rock, some item she picked up, or even a funny image, she loves sending her friends things.

Kip likes to live in the moment, and can't stand thinking about the past or future for very long. She can't handle bad situations well, and isolates herself when things are getting hard for her. When she isolates herself, she'll only talk to those she's closest to, except if she's asked a question by anyone else. She likes her quiet time, and will get overwhelmed when things are too noisy. She likes bringing some earbuds or noise cancelling headphones with her if she thinks things will get too loud for her.


Kipper is a short and chubby fennec that has a fluffy mane and tail.


  • Ramen
  • Boba tea
  • Rocks and gems
  • Stars and constellations
  • Staying close to home


  • Thinking about the future
  • Sad endings
  • Things not going how she planned
  • Being around noisy kids
  • Not being able to sleep


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A


  • Loves eggs and eggnog so much her friends call her Egg or Eggnog as a nickname
  • She gets the zoomies a lot
  • She has a growing collection of rubber ducks
  • She may be a folf, but she's more fox than wolf


She can be drawn feral or anthro
Feel free to exaggerate her ears, neck fluff, and tail! The neck fluff and tail are inspired by Eevee!
She's flat chested as an anthro!

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