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Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

reraise Global Rules

  1. When you get a design by me, feel free to redesign it as much as you want. It’s your character now. Though, if possible keep the original version if you decide to trade it off.
  2. All redesigns + alternate universe designs that resemble closely to the original design must be sold with the design.
Please only sell the design for what you paid for! You’re allowed to add value if you’ve made personal art (below your commission prices.) or commissioned people for art of it (must be equal to the commissioned price)!You’re not allowed to sell the design at all if you haven’t added art and you got it from a trade. Do not base designs off my adopts without my permission. If your design resembles almost exactly mine, I will blacklist you permanently.Feel free to take inspiration from basic themes or slight color palettes from mine, but not whole unique concepts + color picked colors.Do not back out of bids without notifying both me and the previous bidder. This is extremely unfair. Bid only if you can.I take holds up to over a week, but you have to notify me if you need the hold.Holds are only for when you know full well you can get the money.Please do not use my characters for hate against minorities.If you take over a week to pay (not including holds), you’ll get a warning. Three warnings and I’ll blacklist you as well.I have 0 rights to revoke a design, unless it comes into contact with someone on the blacklist (after they are blacklisted.)


Do not harass any of these individuals. I just simply do not want my designs to be around them.

  1. PrayingMantis / FriedEgg / Beetlebugz @ toyhouse, pissdoq @ instagram (TW self harm + other potentially bad themes) - Copied my design without permission. There is proof of them admitting to it.
  2. Sprout-cafe - Copying multiple designs. Have proof if needed.