[Dragon] Rin



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Nickname Rinneh
Birthday March 23rd
Age 25
Height 2ft - 8ft can shapeshift
Gender Female
Species Glitter Dragon
Build Slim with thick fur
Abilities Smoke flame, shapeshift, blue fire.
Orientation Heterosexual
Hobbies Collecting shiny objects

Status Alive | Single
Worth $4743 USD

"Never steal from a Dragon's hoard."

Rin was born in an enchanted forest with other dragons, from the start she had a very hyper personality, almost like a kitten that never wants to sit still. Her wings are actually undeveloped and small, so she cannot fly with them, or bend them much, instead she sees them as a fun decor to display herself with! She has an ability to breathe smoky glitter fumes which are harmless but leave an absolute mess. She can also breathe blue fire but rarely does so unless threatened.

Because of her small wings and personality she was made fun of a lot, but she is too oblivious to notice the snarky remarks and laughs with them. Since she laughs at the jokes instead of getting hurt by them, the bullies tend to just leave her alone after a while because they get no fun out of her.

Over the years she has loved to befriend local animals to feed them and take care of them, and in return they give her anything that looks shiny and valuable. This is how she started her hoard collection of shiny rocks and coins, and is very protective over it. She only shares items of her hoard if she trusts the other person. Those that try to steal any of her items face cruel consequences because it's all she has.

She has made a few friends that understand her, and love to hang out with her! They even help her acquire more items for her hoard.

She loves painting art for others as well as craft random things with stuff from her hoard, so you will see a lot of different things she makes with it!


Clumsy . Stubborn . Determined . Creative . Reclusive . Impatient

  • Animals
  • Bows/Ribbons
  • Tropical Areas
  • Melons
  • Forests & Jungles

  • Insects
  • Cold Weather
  • Thunderstorms
  • Having to Wait
  • Loud Environments

  • Rin was my first nickname I started out with in 2009, I got it from the character in Inuyasha.
  • Her mane is the colorscheme of a bright colorful sunset.
  • She may look like an absolute doll, but if you get on her nerves she's not afraid to use her claws, teeth and fire.
  • No matter where she goes, she leaves glitter behind.
  • She communicates in forms of chirping, clicking, trilling and cooing, but can very much speak the normal language.
  • Because of her thick fluffy inner ears she's a little hard of hearing.