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Basic Info

next opening

9th december


hi ^__^ all my comm info is listed here! navigate thru the tabs to see specific types of commissions and available slots
all prices are listed in USD, payments are done thru paypal or kofi only!
useful links: trello/queue, offsite comm tos, pinglist

comm tos + will/wont do below
comm tos
- i am not currently doing commercial work, but you are free to use my art for personal use/no profit merch

- i have the right to turn down any commission i do not wish to take

- credit is required if the art is used/uploaded outside of toyhouse

- i will not do refunds if i have started your commission, partial refunds can be discussed if needed

- cancellations of reserved slots is okay, but if you do constant cancellations i will stop accepting your commissions

- i will NOT do major alterations if i have finished a piece. i will do small ones but not complete reworks

- do not send me payment thru friends and family on paypal

will do: complex designs, flat-faced anthros, private commissions
wont do: nsfw, ferals/furries, extremely masc/muscular characters, any type of hateful/bigoted art