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Luka Evans

Adult - Male - Bi - January 21st - Donut shop worker



Luka is confident in himself and believes he can get things done, at least when he's not stirring up a little trouble. He's direct with what he's saying and doesn't like to beat around the bush. Luka is practical, focusing more on the facts over morals and feelings. This doesn't mean that he isn't aware of them, just that they don't take priority over the truth of the matter. As such, he's quite adept at coming up with solutions to problems that arise out of the blue. Though he normally hyperfixates on solving a problem and doesn't like to stop until it's solved.

Luka enjoys joking and teasing with his friends from time to time. He can be impatient and has a hard time waiting for things, especially if he's ordered something and is excited to get it. Even though he normally looks serious, Luka is pretty relaxed, and he loves tapping his toes when he's happy about something, though he normally only does this around his friends. Luka likes the routine in his life. The routine he has at the shop is very important to him, and he loves completing the routine with Ari when they go to the shop.


Luka is fit and has a height of 5'5. He has trouble expression emotions, and has a preference for muted clothes most of the time.


  • Jokes
  • Teasing his friends
  • Competitive gaming
  • Yakisoba
  • Hotsprings


  • Routine breaks
  • Mornings
  • People pointing out how short he is compared to Ari
  • Babies/Toddlers
  • Candy


S/O: Ari
Parents: Serina and Ethan
Friends: Jack and Phoebe
Enemies: N/A


  • He has Psionic Class magic, and can see up to 10 seconds into the futue
  • Lives in Unity City
  • He was homeschooled until highschool
  • He usually has a serious look but usually isn't that serious
  • He doesn't hate candy but highly prefers donuts to a Snickers
  • He has undiagnosed autism (Low empathy, high functioning)
  • He has a routine at the donut shop with Ari and hates when it gets thrown off


Nothing that I can think of! Drawing him with or without his beanie and vest is fne with me. Drawing him with Ari would be awesome!


Luka wasn't really that close to his mom, Serina, growing up, and he never met his dad, Ethan, due to him ditching the two shortly after after Luka was born. He was home schooled and didn't meet a lot of other kids his age. He got bored easily because of his homeschooling, and kept asking his mom to be put in a public school. He didn't think it'd be so bad if he weren't so bored without other kids to talk to.

While he was still being homeschooled, Luka found himself having visions, and that those visions sometimes would come true ten seconds later. He found out that he could see into the immediate future, and could change what he saw if he did something different. As much as he wished he could see further into the future, he found it fun when he could always win games against someone.

Serina finally agreed when it was time for him to go to high school. Luka didn't have a ton of friends like he thought he'd get, but he did find a friend group to hang with. Even though he was a little bit of a troublemaker, Luka had pretty good grades. One day, during sophomore year, Jack came up to Luka and asked if he wanted to join his gang, the Fierce Tigers. Jack explained that they'd mainly do heists and things like that. Luka accepted to offer and joined the Tigers.

During his time in high school, Luka began realizing he thought some of the guys there were pretty cute. Was this normal? He thought this was normal until the topic came up during a conversation with Jack. After talking about it for awhile, Luka began questioning himself. He thought he was straight this whole time! Was he gay? He didn't think so. He still liked girls. Luka was confused about this for awhile, and decided to just stop thinking about it. He never did look that much into it, and was never sure until a few years later.

One day, Luka, Jack, and some of the gang decided to take a break at a donut shop in Unity City. Luka walked in and saw the guy working there. He'd have to describe it as love at first sight. Luka started talking to the guy, he found out his name is Ari. Luka started visiting that donut shop for months, and tried to go visit every week that he could. He finally talked to jack about asking Ari out on a date, and was glad Jack was supportive of him. Luka was ecstatic when Ari agreed to the date! And he was even happier when Ari said yes to him asking Ari out! Luka introduced Ari to Jack and the gang. He later moved in with Ari after being together for awhile.

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