1 year, 25 days ago


ethernet is a semi-traditional futsan lion with a flat beak instead of a pointed one (like a hoksan lion) but said beak is at an angle like a futsan lion! his eyes are non traditionally shaped, ending in pointed curves, and his tail is also non traditional, being a long ethernet cable instead of a short bob. also, instead of a horn, he has a radio antennae!

ethernet is the performer of the group. he cares about tradition, about acting, and spends a lot of time honing his craft. he's a huge fan of the face changing ceremony and chinese opera in general, and longs to be a part of his own one day. he takes a liking to people who share his interests quite quickly and is the head of the team (and leads practices/ schedules their blessings/ performances).

one of ethernet's styles is an LED lion so he can really be any color you like! the version of ethernet without LEDs is rainbow though to represent the same idea :]