Human | Age: 14 | He/Him

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4ft, 11in
BirthdayAugust 19th


Swinging on vines, jungles, tropical fruit, hunting, extreme adventures, taking risks


Fires in the jungle, bandits


Vidu is a known jungle boy that owns his own jungle called 'The Vidu Jungle', One of the largest and warmest jungles on Planet Arcanum. Most of the time, he survives alone with some of the friendly animals in the jungle. He never met his parents due to them being impaled by a group of wild mutated-tigers. One of the largest and warmest jungles on Planet Arcanum. He recently took claim of the jungle after fending off the deadly wild mutated-tigers that killed his parents to different territory. Some of the tigers he fought gave him some scars and overtime they healed.


Vidu can be a bit extreme meeting people from outside the jungle but after a while, he will start to be friendly to you only if you appear as friendly to him. If you try to attack him, he won't hold back on defending himself and the jungle. Most of the time when he tries to get around, he will swing on vines as it is quicker for him to travel rather than running on foot. He will often take so many risks even when hunting and sometimes he can get bruised from hunting but that never stops him from trying. One thing he loves is going on extreme adventures to parts of the jungle he hasn't explored. If areas have tropical fruit, it will be on the top of his list of favorite areas in the jungle since he loves tropical fruit. Overall Vidu is crazy energetic and is more of a night owl than an early bird with his hours of sleep.

Friends and Family

Rydenn: Good Friend
Sidney Heart: Good Friend

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