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Account If that's the right word. ANYWAYS I'm changing stuff, dont mind the probably brokenness soon to be (slow process)

Anyone can draw my characters, and inspiration based on designs I've made is ok! Selling works based on my designs is not ok however, and I would avoid taking heavy inspiration especially on designs I didn't make as the creators may be uncomfortable with that. 

Dreamie folders are ok, except for with characters tagged with "heart" as those designs are dear to me

Unless we've talked before, please do not ask to be put on pinglists! Additionally, since i've had more then one person ask about these, I tend to be very attached to a lot of my characters. ALSO. If i get a new character. Dont ask to be added to a pinglist especially if you see i haven't had them for long. This bothers me greatly. If you really insist on asking, at least wait a few days? Anyone who asks within 24 hours of me getting a character the comment will be deleted/account may be blocked if we're not close

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